Sunday, July 22, 2007

Plastic Bottles 1 of a 101 Ways to Help Save Mother Earth

The average person buys 300 bottles of water every year. Did you know that bottled water uses 3 time more energy to produce and bottle than just drinking filtered tap water. Plastic bottles are made in Asia and need to be shipped to the US. The energy to produce the bottles comes from fossil fuels. Plastic needs to be recycled which uses fossil fuel. Or if the bottle lands up in a land fill, the machines to crush them use diesel fuel.

So why not just buy a sports water bottle and refill it. You could reduce the amount of water bottles you throw away by 290 bottles easily. If you have issues with having filtered h20 consider a filtering water bottle . A good place to find a filtering water bottle is Ebay.

Ebay is the ultimate recycling site I believe. Instead of unwanted things going to the dump they find a new life on Ebay. Check it out. Ebay is fast easy and free to use.

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