Tuesday, October 16, 2007

6 of 101 Ways to help save the Earth

This has turned out to be a daunting task. I need your help with the list. Please leave a comment with your ideas and I will post them

Number 6. Unplug that cell phone charger. 5 words that really work

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

5 of 101 Ways To Help Save Mother Earth CFL Light Bulbs

CFL light bulbs ( Compact Fluorescent Lighting) seams to be a very easy way to save energy. A CFL light bulb uses up to 80% less energy than a standard light bulb and last up to 10'000 hours. CFL light bulb use to have a yellowish spectrum but over the years have become very easy to adjust the eyes to. A very simple way to conserve energy.

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Monday, August 13, 2007

4 of 101 ways to help save Mother Earth Wind Power

Wind Power is some thing I have been thinking about a lot. I live on Nantucket Sound ( Cape Cod ) and boy do we have a controversy going on here. Cape Wind http://www.capewind.org/article137.htm is planning on putting up a Wind Power farm. At first I thought the project was only being debated locally, but after seeing the Comedy Central show with John Stewart 8/12/07 spoof the rich people who are against the Wind Power farm I had to add Wind Power to the list and fast. I will probably write about Wind Power more during this crazy project of trying to think of 101 ways to help save Mother Earth. Really I won't tell right ware I am but, I can say a five minute walk and I will be able to see the Wind Power Farm. On one hand we have one of the last beautiful places on earth here. But if Man kind continues to use massive amounts of power we need to do something. Wind Power is clean and available right here. The towers will be far enough offshore so You can't really see them unless you know ware to look. As far as boating the towers will be so high most pleasure craft will be able to go under them. Being a fisherman I would welcome them in that respect. Fish love cover. So many Bass and Blue fish come through here. We start fishing in the end of March for smaller fish and by the time the fish are headed south in September they triple in size. I believe a Wind Power farm would help hold those fish for a extra week or so. Nothing really changes the fish's migration except pollution, and these towers won't be polluting anything. The fish will simply go around them and even take a rest from the current. Come on people Wind Power is ware it's at. If we don't adapt to our needs their will be no more long hours of writing blogs like this one. My vote as being one of the effected from the farm is go for Wind Power . Wind Power for the home sounds good too. If you have enough room go for Wind Power . Pissed about forking over your hard earned income to the big oil guys ? Go for Wind Power . Check out Cape Wind here http://www.capewind.org/article137.htm these people have the right ideas to help save the earth. We can't have it both ways. Wow this is going to take a while please keep coming back. Maybe you will find new thing you can use to help.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

3 of 101 Reusable Shopping Bags

I like the idea of reusable shopping bag if you only shop for one or two meals at a time. If you do large amounts of grocery shopping you will big stuck with what the store has, but be sure to bring them back on your next shopping trip and put them in the recycle bin most grocery stores have. Seams so simple but, reusable shopping bag realy can help keep our landfill a little less filled and off the side of our roads.
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Sunday, July 22, 2007

2 Of 101 Ways To Help Save Mother Earth- Solar Power

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Solar Battery Chargers

Solar power seems like such an easy way to conserve energy. But unless you want to you want to invest a considerable amount of money the cost to install it compared to how long it takes to see a return on your investment really isn't worth it for the common person. But you still can utilize the sun to conserve by purchasing a portable solar charger for your iPod, cell phones and most any portable devise. Solar Battery Charger It may not seem like much but every little bit helps. I found it hard to find portable solar chargers on the Internet. Ebay produced the most I could find in one place. Give it a try. You can find just about everything to conserve.

This subject will continue to in this blog

Plastic Bottles 1 of a 101 Ways to Help Save Mother Earth

The average person buys 300 bottles of water every year. Did you know that bottled water uses 3 time more energy to produce and bottle than just drinking filtered tap water. Plastic bottles are made in Asia and need to be shipped to the US. The energy to produce the bottles comes from fossil fuels. Plastic needs to be recycled which uses fossil fuel. Or if the bottle lands up in a land fill, the machines to crush them use diesel fuel.

So why not just buy a sports water bottle and refill it. You could reduce the amount of water bottles you throw away by 290 bottles easily. If you have issues with having filtered h20 consider a filtering water bottle . A good place to find a filtering water bottle is Ebay.

Ebay is the ultimate recycling site I believe. Instead of unwanted things going to the dump they find a new life on Ebay. Check it out. Ebay is fast easy and free to use.